The so called movement for route taxi operators to organize themselves into formal groups (association) got accelerated government and public support in the years 2003 to 2004. This urgency came against the backdrop of the perceived mayhem which was occurring in the industry at that time, with taxi operators alleged to be involved in various acts of criminality. The public, government and legitimate taxi operators called for urgent action as legitimate operators felt that their good name and hard work was being tarnished by hardened criminals driving a 'car' (in most cases these cars were not even licensed as public passenger vehicle nor did they have the requisite licence to operate from the Transport Authority). This strong desire for organization by all stakeholders culminated in the formation of taxi associations duly recognized by the Transport Authority.

The Transport Authority made it mandatory for all route taxi operators to be a member of an approved taxi association in order to have their route licence renewed and to apply for new licences. This relation between the organized taxi operations (Taxi Association) and the Transport Authority was formalized in documents called the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Code of Conduct. It was during this period that Route Taxi Association of Jamaica (RTAJ) was formed as we shared the sentiments of all the stakeholders. Our primary mandate was to form an organization with high level of professionalism and to develop products and services which would enhance the profitability and efficiency of our operators. We are proud to say that we were able to introduce a number of such products and services (insurance, loans vehicle plan and tracking device) during the last quarter of 2005. This does not mean that we are complacent with these achievements as the executives are constantly listening to the needs of the operators and where possible to satisfy these needs.


Sophia Campbell - President

Ms. Campbell has over 10 years of experience working in various administrative and accounting positions in several organizations ranging from service, construction, banking and financial sectors. Ms. Campbell is currently the Operations Manager for Worldnet Investment Company Limited which incidentally operates the Island's largest fleet of route taxi spanning severally parishes. Ms. Campbell is highly professional and organized and has a very clear vision for the association.

Vinsela Gayle - Executive Member

Ms. Gayle has operated various small businesses over a 30 years period and brings a wealth of hardcore practical business experience in her capacity as an Executive Member. Ms. Gayle is extremely competitive and sees RTAJ in only one position and that is being the largest and best taxi association islandwide.

Clive Blackwood, Bsc.(Hon) - Executive Member

Mr. Blackwood has worked over a 25 year period in various capacity as a Civil Servant. Mr. Blackwood is meticulous in his approach to our deliberations and conveys an air of calmness and objectivity to the association's discussions.

Hurshel Cyrus, FCCA - Executive Member

Mr. Cyrus has over 15 years experience as a senior business executive and operator. His experience ranges from Auditing, Accounting and Financial Controller, CEO, and project manager. These experiences were acquired in a number of sectors including professional auditing and accounting practices, general insurance, vehicle dealership, banking, finance and construction. He is currently the Managing Director of Worldnet Investment Company Limited. He brings a wealth of senior management and project implementation skills to the RTAJ executive team. this has led to the shaping of the entity into a 'one stop shop' for products and services for our members.

Kenroy Griffiths

Mr.Griffiths has been a Taxi Operator for the past 15 years. He is very analytical in his approach to the association's deliberations and knows the needs and concerns of fellow (on the ground) operators. Mr. Griffiths is an invaluable member of the RTAJ team.

Levern Webley

Mr. Webley was instrumental in establishing RTAJ. He is a relentless and unbelievable 'on the ground' organizer. Mr Webley spearheads most of the association's research and marketing efforts. He also has an indepth understanding of the Transport Authority. Collector of Taxes, Examinations depots rules and procedures, and our members benefit immensely from this experience.

Apem Broomfield - Executive (Secretary)

Ms. Broomfield is very Customer Service oriented and believes that service should be delivered with a high level of professionalism. She has developed a close working relationship with our members particularly those at our Mandeville Chapter. Ms. Broomfield also has a vast experience in the procedures surrounding the processing of licence at the Transport Authority, and any transaction regarding vehicles (such as vehicle purchase, sale, registration etc.) Ms Broomfield serves as Secretary on the Association Executive body.


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